Plastic bottle filling and capping line with screw caps for liquids

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Plastic bottle filling and capping line with screw caps for liquids, 20 000 руб.

Москва | 16 декабря 2020, Tomas Popov, номер: 31929, просмотры: 18
    Plastic bottle filling and capping line with screw caps for liquids Online video of production and laboratory equipment from leading manufacturers and suppliers of pharmaceutical industry.
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    Our visitors will be able to see all processes how it is done. We also help you choose different kinds of pharmaceutical equipment – laboratory tablet press, rotary tablet press, hydraulic press, granulators, mixers, drying, vacuum powder conveyor, blistering machines, packaging machines, capsule filling machines and many other kinds of equipment. Our consultants will help with the discussion, selection, payment, and delivery of pharmaceutical equipment to your city. For over 17 years we have been working in this industry for our customers.
    Company CEO Mr. Roman Tsibulsky
    Mobile phone WhatsApp +375-29-393-23-82
    Skype: RomanTsibulsky
    Liner to medicine a technological term used in the pharmaceutical production of medicines. It is used by specialists in relation to a paper sheet with information about the intended use, the way of application and the side effects of medicines.
    Centrifuge type of pharmaceutical equipment for the removal of liquids in the production of drugs and raw materials. The work of the centrifuge is based on centrifugal forces, which, during rotation, remove liquid through a perforated drum.
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    20 000 руб.
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